Automotive Tool Review – Adjustable Wrenches

automotive-010A few years ago, when I was still working on my carpenter’s degree in automotive maintenance, I began to think about buying an auto tool. I mean, I really do have some old tools that I don’t use anymore, but I also knew that I could use a replacement one somewhere down the road. And, if I can’t use it now, I could always use it in the future. So, I started to browse through some of the salvage yards and scrap yards, and there I found this amazing, simple yet ingenious, little tool.

It’s an adjustable wrench, and it’s actually better than it sounds, because it has two features that were missing from other automotive tools. One is the possibility of turning the nut, and the other is that it includes a bracket which allows you to adjust the screw head. Now, that’s something you don’t find on most of the automotive screws. Yes, it is that easy to adjust a screw, and the bracket is specially designed to allow that.

This tool has been called the “do-it-yourself wrench“, because it is probably a tool used by automotive workers all over the world. It’s really made of steel and that is what makes it so durable. I mean, how many of us have the urge to tighten a bolt, lock a steering wheel, or change a tire?

I bet you have even more, because this tool is probably used by automotive industry employees as well. So, if you have an adjustable wrench, it’s most likely to be used by people who are working on cars in an automotive shop.

They probably use them too, but those are the ones I’m going to focus on in this article. If you want to get a look at them, just go to a garage or a repair shop and see if they have them. There are some tools which are souseful, that they could be used by almost everyone. Tools such as these can actually save you a lot of money, since you can get them repaired or changed if needed. Of course, they’re only useful when they are in good shape.

Like I said before, if you have a set of automotive tools, you may want to save them and pass them on to your children or grandchildren. You never know, maybe someday you will need them. If you decide to do that, then you’ll see if the auto tool business expands and if there are more “do-it-yourself” tools coming out!